About Slap Clap

Hey, I’m Lena Fischer and I created The Slap Clap to strive for a world where more people enjoy and learn about science.

I moved to America when I was a little girl with my German parents and we have lived here ever since. I studied biology and biomedical sciences at Standford University and I received honors in my final grades. 

Since College, I have been a biomedical scientist in one of the biggest labs in the USA and I am now heading a team into some exciting new discoveries! I thought that I would start this blog to encourage people to learn more about science, we always need more people heading the way in new scientific discoveries. 

I promise you my page is not going to be boring or dull but it will be filled with fun facts and information about the world, human beings, and other amazing things on the Earth. Even my brother who hates science loves learning facts and figures (when he thinks he’s not being a nerd!). I personally think to deny yourself the knowledge of science is to deny yourself what it is to be human because thanks to science we are living longer and learning how to make cool and fun things! 

My job as a biomedical scientist is to research the human body and try to think of solutions to various different diseases and viruses. It is so amazing when you find a breakthrough to a particular virus and you can get one step closer to make a whole bunch of people so much better! 

However, what I want to emulate is that my blog is not for scientists or gifted individuals but it is a place where everyone can come to learn and get more information about the world around them. 

I hope that you find this blog enlightening and it gives you a big slap clap in the brain to fill your mind with lots of knowledge and facts!