Is ESG Investing Good For You?

With so many options for where to invest your money, it’s no wonder investors are feeling a little overwhelmed. It seems that there are hundreds of investment options to choose from, but only a few make sense for your retirement. Investing in companies that do good in the world or that are socially responsible is […]

Most Common Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike at any time and place without warning. They can be catastrophic and cause widespread damage, loss of life, and displacement of citizens. The most common natural disasters include floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. While it is impossible to predict when and where a natural disaster will occur, there are steps that […]

What Are the Energy Flows in the Ecosystems?

In an ecosystem, energy is transferred from producers to decomposers. This energy exchange takes place through food chains and food webs. Producers, sometimes called primary producers, utilize sunlight to make food. Primary decomposers use energy from the sun to decompose dead plants or animals into simpler compounds. What Are the Ecosystems? An ecosystem is an […]

Careers in Environmental Science: What are they?

Environmental science is the scientific study of the interactions between humans and their environment. This is a broad field of study, but environmental science careers do exist, and they provide people with opportunities to help protect our environment. Environmental scientists work in a variety of fields, such as biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Their primary […]

How Can I Help with Environmental Movements?

Our environment is constantly changing, shifting, and adapting. Natural phenomena such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis all play an enormous role in this process, leading to things like deforestation, soil erosion, and other devastating effects. In recent decades, human activities have played a much larger role in environmental changes. Our lifestyles, the industries we […]

Environmental Science Events for 2022

From climate change to clean water, environmental issues are at the forefront of our work. A degree in Environmental Science will prepare you for a career in the ever-growing field of environmental science. The Council on Education accredits the Environmental Science program for Public Health. It is an excellent major for students interested in public […]